Clash of Clans War League

What is clan war league?

Champions warfare League (CWL) is an international extended family conflict League for professional Chiefs interested in competing at a higher level in clash of Clans.

CWL turned into based on the principle that elite, fairplay warfare clans wanted a way to task each other in an prepared and standardized environment.

given that then, hundreds of volunteers, clan leaders, community reps, and players have come together to build what is now the CWL.

Clash of Clans War League Summary

Clash of Clans war League is a feature that became added within the model 11 replaced on October twenty third, 2018.
In conflict Leagues, agencies of eight clans compete in opposition to each different to progress thru the leagues, as well as win rewards. the best leagues provide satisfactory rewards and show that the clans in them are great of the great!

How Clash of Clans War league works?

Every League runs once in keeping with the season, at more or less the identical time as each different.
as soon as each season, there could be a -day League signal-up duration, wherein Clans can sign up for the war Leagues.
once an extended family has signed up, they will be positioned in a group with seven other Clans within the identical league because the extended family is.
After the organization has been set, the war League starts and lasts for eight days. The Clans will start a round-robin tournament, wherein every clan battles every opposing extended family as soon as.
At the cease of the struggle League duration, the nice appearing Clans in the institution may be promoted to the following better league, at the same time as the worst performing Clans will be demoted to the next lower league.
players acquire League Medals as rewards for their participation within the battle League, and these medals can be spent on numerous gadgets.

Clash of Clans War League Sign up Period

While the clan war Leagues begin, there may be a two-day sign-up period. at some stage in this period, the leader who enters the clan into signing up ought to choose a roster of gamers who will input the League. The roster should include at least 15 players, although the roster can consist of all people inside the clan (i.e. 50 gamers), provided they may be eligible for war.
All and sundry inside the roster will be capable of play within the struggle Leagues. anyone out of doors the roster can't participate within the battle League (although they could still play an outdoor position, by using, for instance, donating troops for attacks within the League).
All through the signal-up period, normal extended family Wars can be unavailable, though ongoing wars can still maintain. Clans in ongoing wars will no longer be able to sign up until the conflict is concluded.
once a clan has signed up for the conflict Leagues, they're located within the League they're in.
Clans that sign on for the first time could be positioned in a League primarily based on the energy of the pinnacle 15 gamers inside the roster. depending on this power, the Clans may be positioned as excessive as grasp League I.
Clans that do not sign on for the conflict Leagues can nonetheless play everyday extended family Wars and friendly Wars at some stage in the war League period.
verybody now not in a clan's struggle League roster can take part in everyday clan Wars and friendly Wars in some other extended family. they are able to even be part of any other clan's roster so so long as that clan has now not but signed up.
gamers in an extended family's roster can nevertheless participate in clan Wars and pleasant Wars, but best in an extended family that did now not join up for the conflict Leagues. To achieve this, but, the player has to go away their extended family and be a part of the extended family doing the regular wars.
gamers can best be in one clan's struggle League roster at any one time. once they were signed up by means of the leader for a specific clan, their conflict League participation is most effective restricted to that clan. The participant will only be eligible for warfare League rewards within the extended family he/she participates in.

The Clash of Clans War League

Every group in a warfare League includes eight Clans.
each struggle League lasts for 8 days, throughout which every clan will take part in seven wars; one battle towards every opposing clan.
once a collection has been fashioned, practise day for the primary conflict begins.
all through each education day, things are done:
The leader chooses 15 contributors from the roster to go into the war;
individuals can donate shielding clan fort troops to each other, like in everyday extended family conflict.
once a training day ends, the war day for warfare starts. at the same time, a brand new education day for the next struggle starts off evolved, unless all seven coaching days have exceeded.
To summarise, a time table for the war Leagues might be as follows:
Day 1: guidance day for the 1st conflict;
Day 2: preparation day for the second warfare, and warfare day for the 1st conflict;
Day 3: guidance day for the third struggle, and warfare day for the second struggle;
…and so forth, until Day 8, where most effective conflict day for the seventh conflict takes place.
at some stage in every struggle day inside the war League, each player receives only one attack. this is in comparison to normal extended family Wars, wherein players can use two attacks.
aside from being in a league setting, Clans can nonetheless earn conflict loot and extended family XP inside the same way as they do in a clan battle. gamers can earn conflict loot that they've won even supposing they leave the extended family earlier than the applicable struggle concludes.

Clash of Clans War League Season Information and Requirements

Clans compete to achieve the most stars, as this is the primary standards for ratings in the league. apart from stars acquired commonly, clans will acquire a ten-big name bonus for winning a struggle.
during a League, every person can view the standings of every clan within the League under "institution", and additionally the ratings of each warfare in "Rounds", including the ones wars regarding different clans.
below the "clan" tab, in this game, gamers can view the records of ways each member within the roster finished to date in the league, breaking down the quantity of stars accumulated by using each member, the total destruction accumulated, and the wide variety of attacks completed becuase it' a
private server.
gamers can navigate between the seven wars by way of seven buttons inside the warfare League interface; each range corresponds to a battle, in the order your extended family fights them in. There are three symbols that can seem on pinnacle of each wide variety:
a colored tick seems for each completed conflict. The tick is colored green if your extended family received that battle, crimson if your clash of lights lost that conflict, and white (?) in case your clan tied that battle.
A defend with a sword in the front signifies a conflict in which a conflict day is ongoing.
A guard with a gear in front signifies a battle wherein a instruction day is ongoing.
If more than a few has no image above it, it signifies an upcoming warfare in which preparation day has not began but.

Each group in a battle League consists of eight Clans.

Each struggle League lasts for eight days, during which each clan will participate in seven wars; one Struggle against each opposing extended family.

As soon as a set has been formed, coaching day for the primary war begins.

At some stage in every preparation day, two things are performed:

The chief chooses 15 participants from the roster to enter the war;

Members can donate defensive clan fortress troops to each other, like in a regular extended family war.

As soon as an education day ends, the conflict day for a conflict begins. at the same time, a brand New practice day for the subsequent battle starts off evolved, unless all seven preparation days have handed.

To summarise, an agenda for the conflict Leagues could be as follows:

Day 1: guidance day for the first battle;

Day 2: instruction day for the 2nd struggle, and warfare day for the 1st warfare;

Day three: education day for the 3rd conflict, and warfare day for the 2nd warfare;

…and so forth, until Day 8, in which only war day for the 7th battle happens.

At some point of every conflict day inside the struggle League, every player gets only one assault. this is in comparison to everyday clan Wars, where gamers can use attacks.

Other than being in a league putting, Clans can nonetheless earn war loot and extended family XP in an equal way as they do in an extended family conflict. players can earn war loot that they have gained although they go away the extended family before the relevant struggle concludes.

Clan war Leagues is a league structure for extended family Wars. once a month Clans can signal-up and fight a week of wars with Clans of comparable ability stage. to participate, Clans have to sign-up for extended family battle Leagues with as a minimum 15 (maximum 50) contributors. it is a very good concept to sign up over 15 contributors to have greater attackers to choose from in every warfare.

At the quit of struggle Week, Clans that have earned the most stars are promoted to better leagues, whilst others live or are demoted. gamers get sources and League Medals from their assaults and have a chance to be presented bonus League Medals via extended family Leaders.

Clans are randomly matched up against 7 different Clans of their League tier to form a collection. Clans in a group fight each other and the satisfactory performing Clans of each group may be promoted to a better League.

Before an extended family has fought within the warfare Leagues, the skill of the clan isn't regarded to matchmaking, and so the preliminary placing of Clans may be inaccurate. at first it is possible to stand each too easy or too difficult opponents, however with time the talent tiers of the matched Clans turns into extra identical.

Clans fight a battle each day of war Week. every time a battle is going into war Day, guidance Day starts for the next day's warfare. every practice Day is a threat for Leaders to finalize the line-up for the approaching conflict. They select the line-up of players decided on for the extended family warfare Leagues during the sign-up period.

On war Day gamers have one attack with which they try to gather as many warfare Stars as possible. Attackers also benefit Elixir, dark Elixir and Gold for the assaults, further to ordinary clan Wars. If a clan wins a war, this awards the clan extra warfare Stars, in order to help them get promoted from their League.

League Medals are issued as soon as all the Clans in the group have finished their war Week battles. warfare Stars received via man or woman players from their attacks become League Medals and all extended family participants signed-up for extended family conflict Leagues get extra League Medals from all Wars that the clan wins. further, the chief and Co-leaders distribute bonus League Medals to 3 of the players signed-up for war Leagues.

The quantity of bonus League Medals as well as how many gamers can obtain the bonus are determined through the League wherein the extended family fought the warfare Week. every Win for the duration of conflict Week adds one participant who can acquire an advantage.

useful resource loot and extended family XP from attacks are rewarded from every conflict as in everyday extended family Wars.

League Medals may be spent in the store within the "League save" tab.

clash of clans war league

Clash of Clans War League Results

Every participant in each extended family's roster gets League Medals relying on how they done within the League. The players earn a certain wide variety of Medals for each superstar earned within the League, further to an advantage provided to anyone in the roster for each struggle win the clan earns.

At the stop of the struggle League, each clan will both remain of their personal league, get promoted to the next better league, or get demoted to the subsequent lower league, based totally on their overall performance relative to others in their league.

Clans are ranked by a variety of stars gained (such as bonus stars won by means of winning a conflict). If Clans have the same number of stars, then the tiebreaker might be the overall destruction accumulated in the course of the direction of the league.

relying on the league, the clans in the institution with the maximum stars might be promoted to a higher league, even as the clans in the organization with the least stars can be demoted to a lower league. The table underneath illustrates what number of clans are promoted and demoted from every league.
whilst Clans can be "unranked" previous to becoming a member of a war League for the primary time when they have joined, they cannot be demoted from Bronze League III.
Likewise, as Champion League I is the very best league, clans can't be promoted from that league.

War League(s)Clans PromotedClans Demoted
Bronze III30
Bronze I & Bronze II32
Champion II - Silver III22
Champion I02

On the quiet of the war League, the extended family leader can pick to award bonuses of League Medals to gamers in the roster as he/she dreams. The leader can have a base variety of bonuses to award, and profits one greater bonus to award for every battle win. The number of bonuses, as well as the size of the bonus, rely upon at the League of the clan they participated in.

The chief has 21 days to choose the players so that it will be awarded the bonuses, and have to award all of the bonuses at the same time.
as soon as the leader has determined, the players might be notified in clan chat which players were awarded the bonuses.

The bonuses may be presented to everybody inside the roster, even gamers who've left or have been kicked out of the extended family.
The wide variety of League Medals provided for each win and every megastar are proven in the table underneath, in addition to the size of bonuses and range of assured bonuses that may be awarded by the leader is proven inside the table underneath.

League Medals provided for each battle win are offered to all gamers within the roster.
League Medals provided for scoring stars are awarded simplest to the player scoring the celebrities.
observe that leaders can award one greater bonus for each warfare win.

War LeagueLeague Medals per Win
League Medals per Star
Number of Guaranteed BonusesLeague Medals per Bonus
Bronze III102135
Bronze II102135
Bronze I102135
Silver III104135
Silver II114140
Silver I124145
Gold III136250
Gold II146255
Gold I156260
Crystal III188265
Crystal II198270
Crystal I208275
Master III2310380
Master II2410385
Master I2510390
Champion III2712495
Champion II29124100
Champion I30124105
clash of clans war league

Clash of Clans War League Medals

Whilst you finish reading the extended family struggle Leagues tutorial with the aid of the Villager, you will be given 50 League Medals.

After the academic, League Medals are obtained thru the methods as explained above:
through triumphing a struggle in opposition to every other clan within the organization, or
by using scoring stars in opposition to gamers in the opposing clans, or
by way of being offered an advantage through the extended family leader.

League Medals may be spent in a unique segment of the house Village keep. They may be used to purchase various gadgets, which can be listed under. a few objects, particularly the decorations, require the player's clan to be a positive league which will be unlocked.

players can only have up to 2,500 League Medals at a time. If the player earns any extra, the extra can be transformed into gems; one Gem will be earned for every 10 medals in excess. This must be averted, as gamers can buy a useful resource Potion for 10 medals after which sell it for 10 gems (despite the fact that this isn't always an amazing exchange both).

ItemNameTypePrice Notes
2,500,000 GoldResources25N/A
2,500,000 ElixirResources25N/A
Resource PotionMagic Items10N/A
Builder PotionMagic Items15N/A
10x Wall RingMagic Items50N/A
Hammer of FightingMagic Items120N/A
Hammer of BuildingMagic Items120N/A
Hammer of SpellsMagic Items120N/A
Hammer of HeroesMagic Items165N/A
The Warrior StatueDecorations100N/A
The Challenger StatueDecorations250Clan must reach Gold League I
The Contender StatueDecorations500Clan must reach Crystal League I
The Master StatueDecorations1,000Clan must reach Master League I
The Champion StatueDecorations2,000Clan must reach Champion League I

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