About Us

"Every innovation brings ease and problems at the same time".

Wait... wait... what I just said??? But that's right! Let's consider an idea of an android application that is new in market and holds an amazing fame over it. But what if;

  • You are not an android user?
  • Is this useless for you?
  • Can you ever be able to use that one?

The above mentioned Questions are called PROBLEMS! But, to report a disease we have someone to call, I guess we call them a Doctor, maybe dispenser or a pharmacist! This website is made to solve the problems of these kinds. We provide each and every type or extension of a single desired entity/app/game.

TechiApkApps tends to provide essential APK versions of different applications provided by different developer websites. It is a user friendly website that offers APK files of several applications and games free of cost and is quite easy to use.

TechiApkApps emphasizes on costumer satisfaction and use. We help viewers and visitors to collect as much help as they need. We provide Applications for PC/ios/android and also Mod versions of them to double up the fun!

We have a huge audience worldwide downloading our products and and sharing their feedback we are doing our best to satisfy their needs and  fill up all the gaps of deficiencies we are looking forward to achieve whatever best is for us and the public.

Kindly Share your Feedback with us!

Thank You